Services and Price List

So many options for your pets while you’re away! From walks, to overnight stays, to pet hospice. We are here to help your pet in any way we can! Longer verbiage needs added.

So many choices…. where do you start? How about with the simple stuff!

Woofer Hoofer – $15

I suggest this for long or thick coated dogs during the summer months, so they don’t get overheated

  • 15 minute walk
  • Fresh water for dogs
  • For cat – includes: food, treats, fresh water & litter box scooping


Growl and Prowl – $17

Perfect for cats and older dogs

  • 30 minute visit
  • 15-20 minute walk – plus the Woofer Hoofer
  • Docile cats that need medication can also fit into this category
  • For cat – includes: food, treats, fresh water & litter box scooping

**If additional time is needed in the home, I will contact you and let you know as we never know what pets will run from the evil lady coming into give them medication.


Purrfect Staycation – $22

Good for puppies and Special Needs pets

  • Longer walks
  • Playtime
  • Feeding
  • Bring in mail
  • Water plants
  • Take out garbage
  • Bring in cans
  • Pick up papers, etc

**This is the best choice for multi-pet homes or pets that need medication.


Overnights – $65/night

  • Approx. 8pm arrival and stay until following morning
  • Morning feeding and walk
  • Evening feeding and walk
  • Fresh Water
  • Medications
  • Mid-day walks are additional

**Departure time depends on the following day appointments


Pet Hospice – $125/24hr period

Terminally ill pets, or those who need a lot of extra care

  • 24/7 service

**I often enlish the help of family members to help me with this, if needed.



Please check back for additional information coming soon!


Overnight + Growl and Prowl – $70/night


Bark and Book It – $60/week

  • 5 consecutive walks booked in advance (i.e. min 1 week prior to book date)

**Must be paid in full by first walk date. All cancellations WILL receive a credit towards next booking.


Vacations of 5 or more days booked in advance will receive a 10% discount****



  • Small dogs (20lbs or less) – $10
  • Medium dogs (20 lb to 50 lbs) – $15
  • Large dogs (50 lbs and larger) – $20

**Please note I am not a groomer, but I will get your furbaby smelling and looking wonderful before you return home


Yard Waste Service – $25/week

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